Welcome To SysLab

Systems Research Laboratory is focused on developing intelligent and capable systems through integration of computing technologies. Motivated by the increased utilization and capabilities of Artificial Intelligence, the lab focuses on developing state of the art solutions using AI, cloud, Blockchain, security, SDN, IoT, Deep Learning, and Computer Vision. The lab focuses on conducting both applied as well as basic research. In the applied domain the lab has developed solutions for Smart Cities, Edtech, Surveillance, and Healthcare.

PhD. Alumni

  • Dr. Nouman Durrani
  • Dr. Narmeen Bawany
  • Dr. Nausheen Shoaib
  • Dr. Shazia Usmani
  • Dr. Anam Qureshi

External Collaborative Faculty

  • Dr. Sherali Zeadally
  • Dr. Khaled Salah

List of Publications

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Awards and Funded Projects

  • HEC NRPU - Secure Networks for Smart Cities
  • HEC NRPU - Computer Vision
  • National Center for Artificial Intelligence - AI and Edtech
  • IEEE TCPP Early Adopter - Parallel Computing and Education
  • Pakistan Innovation Fund - AI and Edtech
  • NVIDIA Teaching and Research Center Award - GPGPU